Success of the « Smart Vehicle Geek Talk » at the IoT City of Suzhou

The IoT City in China frequently organizes meetings around innovative topics. The Geek High Tea Gathering, of January 19th 2018 dealt with smart vehicle and was held in the hardware incubator space of the IoT City; the event attracted several contributors and visitors.

Discussion about the vehicle of the future

conference pictureThe IoT City invited four speakers from the Chinese automotive industry to talk about the future of our cars. Each speaker tackled a different topic.

Han Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Huayu Auto Systems presented smart technologies for vehicles; Lingfeng He, General Manager of Shanghai Launch Automotive Technology Co., Ltd focused on the future of automotive restoration; Calvin Lu, Chief Technology Officer of iMotion Automotive Technology delved into the industrialization process of the autopilot and finally Fanchang Gao from Zihyuan Electronics, explained to the audience the importance of the Advanced Driving Assistance System.

Many participants

webcast picture90 participants attended the meeting, from entrepreneurs to R&D engineers. Each intervention was followed by a Q&A between the speakers and the audience.

Simultaneously, the session was broadcasted in real time on a webcast platform and followed by 9,977 internet users. A milestone for the IoT City of Suzhou! The event was then covered by five Chinese media; a great success for a growing concept of shared discussion in China.

May Sun
Marketing Manager Eolane China

speaker picture