Selective soldering, a new technology at éolane

Solicitous to use high technologies at its clients’ service, Eolane continuously strives to better its equipment. Our aim: propose affordable and qualitative services to our clients to be the best partner for their projects. In line with the creation of the new Cards Competence Center, Eolane Saint-Agrève deploys new equipment to maximize its production.

Selective soldering, high technology for more efficiency

Selective soldering is now largely implemented with the increasing use of the SMT technology. This process changes significantly the relation between the CMS, soldered by refusion and the insertion of traditional components “through hole” (TH), which aren’t usually soldered by refusion.

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Automatized selective soldering is an alternative to wave soldering, refusion soldering (combined with the pin-in-paste technology) and elective waves, limited mechanically due to the proximity of certain components. It’s also an alternative to manual soldering. Often too subjective, this process can prove to be difficult in terms of repetitiveness and, in many cases, it can’t follow the targeted quantity. Consequently, more often than not, it’s not profitable.

To automatize the selective soldering process, our partner SEICA proposes the Firefly Next>Series, a selective soldering system based on the highest performing laser available. Laser selective soldering offers the possibility to exploit a high energy beam, which can be aimed exclusively on the solder joint, without damaging the substrate on the card and the components around it (even with the high temperatures required for unleaded alloy).

A qualitative process from manufacturing to finished product

This new technology allows more possibilities in terms of conception. The laser can achieve a selectivity with very small distance between CMS components and traditional pin and that thanks to the unique process of contactless laser soldering; the donut shaped beam has an adjustable size for each components.

The thermic control of the laser system, essential for the soldering process, is guaranteed by an integrated system controlling the temperature. The latter gives feedback continuously throughout the soldering process to ensure the repetitiveness and consequently the reliability of the soldering.

This process not only improves the quality of the products for the final user, but also the efficiency and the cost of manufacturing.

Says Frédéric Faure, Director of Eolane Saint-Agrève.

The laser technology combined with a card conveying system and the test pattern can be easily integrated in a production line, entirely automatized to work in “masked” time.

We are happy and proud to present the very first SEICA FIREFLY machine “Next series” in France; and to be able to offer our clients all the quality of this new manufacturing process on our plant.

Concludes Frédéric Faure.

Stéphane Bacher
Technical manager, Eolane Saint-Agrève