SCANLANE Solution: Digital transformation at the service of professionals.

This name means nothing to you?  That is normal, Scanlane is fresh out of the oven, and we are going to reveal the secret recipe… 

Smart solutions

éolane, specialised in industrial electronic services, has developed a Smart Solutions Business Unit, which aims at developing its own products.  The target is to optimise its know-how to offer new products and services rapidly, pioneers in IoT.

Scanlane: an innovative solution

Scanlane is the fruit of active listening to the requirements identified on certain markets, such as those linked to logistics and procurement:  arduousness of date entry for resupply of material and for in-house stock management is frequently observed

At this time, many companies still use manual procedures, that are sometimes archaic, which are a waste of precious time and generate mistakes that could be avoided.

What added value?

The Scanlane solution was developed to respond specifically to professional needs: gain customer loyalty by making real-time order handling easier, facilitate customer relationship management (CRM), and optimising merchandise management in real time.  The service can be rolled out in many cases and B2B applications, with the promise of rapidly increasing your volume of business.

eolane platform picture

The many advantages of Scanlane compared with what is on the market include:

  • Barcode and QR code reader
  • Voice recognition (speech to text)
  • Wireless connection
  • Practical interface: LED, vibration and button.

We give you access to a remote platform to ensure product storage management.  In this way, order taking is displayed in real time.  The information (data scanned or dictated with voice recognition), transmitted by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, is completely secure, guaranteeing both integrity and confidentiality.

All you need to do is validate the order with the distributor in question, and that’s all there is to it!

scanlane picture

Who is the offer for?

  • The medical world
  • Agri-food
  • Trading and industrial manufacture
  • Restaurant owners
  • Skilled workmen, craftsmen
  • Tobacconists
  • Hairdressers