Movee on the rails!

Movee, the motion sensor created by Eolane, has once again proven its pertinence, becoming an ally for the SNCF maintenance servicemen.

Accident prevention is an important topic, and a fundamental safety issue for the SNCF. Derails make it possible to derail any train that is not authorised to enter the maintenance workshop. Up to now, access to the workshop was managed using a white board which indicated the position of the cleats. Following an undesired derail incident, workshop operations management wanted to develop the system, digitalizing the process with real-time visualization of the position of the derails.
Faced with this issue, Amine Chalabi of the l’Unité Opérationnelle Mouvement (Operational Unit), proposed a solution: equip the cleats with a sensor to be informed of their real-time inclination. After a search for suppliers started in September 2017, the SNCF chose Eolane and Movee, the motion sensor for industry professionals.

Project implementation

Thirteen sensors were ordered and then installed on the rails at Metz Sablon. Fixed directly onto the derails, the Movee sensor instantly transmits an alert each time the cleat is inclined.

M. Chalabi présentant le système à des collègues/Positionnement du capteur Movee sur le taquet dérailleur

Mr Chalabi presenting the system to his colleagues. / Positioning of the Movee sensor on the cleats.


. The alerts are then transferred via the low-speed LoRa network to the customizable cloud platform developed by Eolane as part of the “Movee Event” offer. The data can then be fed back in diverse ways (a map with the position of the sensors, or a table), and a historical record kept. Alerts can also be defined using the web interface to initiate, for example, maintenance operations.

Rendu visuel de la position des capteurs / Historique des positions des capteurs

 Rendu visuel de la position des capteurs / Historique des positions des capteurs

We greatly appreciated éolane’s service, their compliance with deadlines, reactivity in terms of feedback and repairs; everything was perfect from start to finish. It was a real pleasure to work with éolane”, said Amine Chalabi.

With time, the SNCF will be able to view the cleats in real time on a screen in the operations management room. Still in test phase, the project confirms the pertinence of the motion sensor provided by Eolane, both easy-to-use and multipurpose.

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