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Interview of Sebastien Huguet at M2M trade show.

During the 18th edition of the M2M trade show in Paris, Eolane came to present its smart and connected solutions for professionals of the industrial sector. Sébastien Huguet, Marketing and Sales Manager Smart Solutionq, talked about the new Business Unit Smart Solutions, and the new products of the group.

MéM pictureHello and welcome.  We are here today at the M2M and MicroRVF trade show and I am pleased to be with Mr Sébastien Huguet.  Hello Sébastien.

Yes, hello Larbi.

Are you well?

Yes, very well thank you.

So, you are Marketing and Sales Manager Smart Solutions at éolane.  Can you tell us about your company ?

Eolane is a French company with headquarters in Angers, in the 49 (west of France).  It is an electronics design and production company with an overall workforce of 3,000 and a turnover approaching 380 million Euros.  We are based in France, but not just there as we are also located in Estonia, as well as China, Germany, and Morocco.

Okay, good.  What novelties are you showing at the trade show?

So, at Eolane, since the end of last year, we have created a Business Unit called Smart Solutions, which is involved in connected objects.  Connected objects that we had already started to develop several years ago with the arrival of the new networks, LoRa and Sigfox.  In particular at this exhibition we are presenting a sensor, a motor sensor solution, called Movee.  Movee allows for tracking, and also enables vibration measurement for preventive maintenance, and is equally able to send information about events, shocks, inclines, tilts, which can be directly shared on a cloud upon which we can have information.

Okay, good.  Will we be able to see you at other trade shows?

Absolutely.  We shall be at Smart Industries next week, where we will present our Movee with Artificial Intelligence, a novelty because we have now embedded A.I. on our Movee; a project we carried out with a start-up, Cartesiam.  It is a new product that will allow greater preventive maintenance, and even more because we are looking at predictive maintenance.

Good.  Thank you Sébastien for having answered our questions.  I hope you enjoy the show.

Thank you Larbi.

And see you all soon on Electronique Mag.