Eolane Tallinn: one of the largest electronics manufacturers in Estonia is opening a new plant in Lasnamäe

Eolane Tallinn, one of the largest electronics producers in Estonia, started preparations for opening the building of its new plant, by celebrating the completion of its roof truss.

Eolane Tallinn, which now has about 500 colleagues, will be moving production to its new plant which is under construction in Lasnamäe, Tallinn, at the end of the year. The new plant will allow the company with French background, which specializes in the manufacturing of special-purpose communication devices, LED lighting for the automotive industry and other electronics, to expand production and increase export.

Grow for a better production

“The new electronics plant was born out of a practical necessity to keep up with orders from the automotive industry and telecommunication industry,” emphasized Antoine Yon, the Managing director of Eolane Tallinn AS. “In the past three years, our turnover more than doubled, and we need a larger plant and more people for further growth.”

Eolane Tallinn is a major subsidiary of the French group of companies Eolane, and its turnover of 68 million euros constituted a fifth of the turnover of the entire group last year. By opening the new electronics plant, the company will expand its production area to a total of 11,000 square meters in three stages, which will allow the volume of production and the number of jobs to be increased remarkably.

According to Damien Quillet, vice president of Eolane Group, the new plant in Tallinn means a considerable investment for the entire group.

We have had positive experience in Estonia; we believe in Estonia and its people. This project proves we are not only saying that but are making a major contribution to the growth potential of the Tallinn facility,

Quillet said.

A project made to measure

In the past two years, Eolane Tallinn has invested over four million euros in modern production lines, and high-tech production requires skilled personnel. Yon states that the enterprise recruits workers on the international labor market and invests a lot in employee training and development.  “There is less and less simple work, and we need multi-skilled people in the first place,” he explained.

In addition to expansion opportunities, the new plant will allow us to improve working conditions. Greater energy efficiency, which will reduce our footprint on the environment in Estonia, is of no less importance either.

plant picture

The contractor for the construction of Eolane Tallinn’s new plant on Peterburi Road is Capital Mill, and the first stage will be completed in the autumn. During this stage, the enterprise will commission over 6700 square meters of production, office and amenity spaces. The construction is based on environmentally friendly principles; for instance, materials salvaged from old buildings after demolition have been used. Precision air conditioning units provide good working environment and ensure energy efficiency. The building caters for the needs of disabled people: there are ramps as well as a lift and toilets suitable for wheelchair users.

According to Marko Uueda, the manager of new developments at Capital Mill, the construction of the high-tech plant building has been performed in accordance with Eolane’s special requirements. “The construction was preceded by a lengthy process of identifying needs and solutions,” Uueda said. “Capital Mill’s experience shows that the best results are achieved in synergic cooperation of the customer, the developer and the construction contractor. Such tailoring is especially important for a highly demanding project like this one.”

In addition to its anchor tenant Eolane, Capital Mill welcomes tenants who would like to rent contemporary office premises in the same building or one of the two other large spaces with respective areas of 1600 and 1900 square meters, which can be used as warehousing, production or commercial facilities.

The new electronics plant will have been completed by September, and the company will move in its production facilities in the autumn and winter.

Eolane Tallinn a key player in electronics in Estonia

Exporting almost 100% of its production, Eolane Tallinn in Lasnamäe produces special-purpose communication devices and lighting components for the automotive industry. According to Äripäev’s Top rating, Eolane Tallinn with its current staff of 500 people is the fourth largest electronics producer in Estonia. Last year, the recruiting agency Fontes named Eolane Tallinn the company that was the best in Estonia at following the principles of equal pay for women and men.

In addition to the service of manufacturing electronic components, AS Eolane Tallinn, provides product development and testing system development services, prototyping services and aftermarket services. The Tallinn subsidiary, which has been a part of Eolane Group since 2012, started the manufacturing of exterior and interior LED lighting for the automotive industry and the production of air fan controllers and sensors for industrial customers in 2016.

Capital Mill OÜ is a real estate company founded in 2008 and specializing in investments in commercial real estate in the Baltic states.

Antoine Yon
Managing Director

 Tuuli Tromp
Head of Finance & IT