Eolane: success and growth of the automotive ambient lighting

In 2015, Faurecia, an automotive parts manufacturer, entrusted éolane and its partner Luxor Lighting with three projects of interior lighting for vehicles of the car manufacturers Land Rover and Jaguar. The action perimeter involves the conception, the validation and the manufacturing of ambient lighting products. These products, based on LED technology and lighting guide can be implemented on car doors and have been assembled as standard since September 2017. A true challenge for a manufacturer like Eolane.

Interior lighting or the future of our vehicles

Are you reading this article comfortably seated? So, what is, in your opinion, the scope of interior lighting for the automotive sector?

In our living room, the light is pleasant, in our office it allows us to work efficiently in the best conditions. What of it in our cars? It’s often a simple light that we rapidly turn off …

More than ever mobility is mutating, whether it be with the growing importance of autonomous vehicles, or with the digitalization towards service and above all a great attention when it comes to comfort of life.

It hasn’t escaped car manufacturers. Ambient lighting will be essential to think the future of our vehicles and thus change our relation to them. It becomes a key success factor to live inside the vehicle (instead of turning on the light only to get in), but also work in it. Now it goes beyond lighting the cockpit, it’s about staying connected to the exterior environment at any time.

Eolane’s expertise in automobile

If it’s extremely easy to set up LED lighting at home, that’s not the case for the automobile market. Indeed, our teams worked towards:

  • Harnessing the light: starting from a defined illumination on a 3D surface, the team had to conceive an optical system to ensure a uniform spreading of the light on this particular surface.
  • Conceiving a complete system:
    • The conception of the lighting guide requires high optical skills with a mechanical micrometer precision. The manufacturing of such pieces and their modules doesn’t leave any room for approximation.
    • Regarding the multicolored LED called RGB (Red, Green, Blue) if the flow is easier to manage, it’s not the case for colors. Automobile designers are extremely precautious when it comes to details to avoid any differences between two luminous points. Thus the color calibration of the LED modules is essential.
    • The RGB LED control is using the automobile bus LIN (Local Interconnect Network) and an Eolane embedded software sanctioned by the constructor.

LED picture

Eolane’s major ambition was to manufacture reliable products, assembled in series with a minimum rate of breakdown than can be counted in millions of units and that throughout the life of the vehicle. With this project, Eolane has once again demonstrated all its expertise to qualify these products according to the automotive market standards and that without derogation. The company also worked to industrialize these products and allow manufacturing in large series, thanks to internal and external automobile logistics. Finally, the teams set up logistics and an integration process mastered by both the car and parts manufacturers.

6 000 hours of R&D during two years and work sessions in project mode between Eolane and its partner Luxor Lighting, made the deployment of this project a success. On the electronics dimension, Eolane also worked directly with the car constructor’s services. The production and logistics are currently taken care of by Eolane Tallinn, a certified plant ISO TS 16949 in Estonia, for a volume of 1,5 million LED per year.

This success is the result of teamwork and reinforces Eolane’s strategy on the automotive market. The company is already thinking about the integration of a higher density of LED to meet the newest usages: valorization of the brand, welcome and goodbye of the driver, comfort, information, interaction and safe autonomous driving.

Jean-François de Sallier Dupin
Marketing Manager specialised in Rolling Stock