Eolane Saint-Agrève is awarded by the Coups de Cœur de l’eco Vox Rhône-Alpes

Each year the “Coup de Cœur de l’éco” event takes place in Ardèche and rewards the companies who take part in the innovative dynamic of the Val’Eyrieux territory. Among the awarded companies this year, Eolane Saint-Agrève won February 1st 2018 a special prize during this eighth edition, which took place at Cheylard.

Eolane Saint-Agrève, a company rooted in its region

Eolane Saint-Agrève, formerly Ardelec was created in 1984 in Ardèche and joined Eolane in 2010. Industrialization, test and integration of electronics and electromecanics in small and medium technological series, these are all the skills of Eolane Saint-Agrève, one of the finest companies of the electronics industry.

One of the major parts of this success, of our success, is our colleagues skillful and loyal who live in this territory.

Thus, this trophy, for our company is the acknowledgment of the work of our 200 employees who have been contributing to the development of the company for 25 years: 25 years of continuous innovation!

The Val’Eyrieux a dynamic federation of municipalities

éolane Saint-Agrève pictureThis special trophy dedicated to Val’Eyrieux is the recognition of a territory who has always put economy at the heart of its development. A territory whose motto is “Innovation in a green setting”. In this rural area, our companies had to fight and put innovation at the center of their preoccupations.

Corporate social responsibility is a concept in which companies include social, environmental and economical preoccupations in their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.

This concept is all the more relevant when it comes to the relationship between the territory and the companies. Incidentally, Val’Eyrieux has been laureate of the label “Territory of positive Energy for a Green Growth” since 2015.

Cheylard picture


Val’Eyrieux is thus the second industrial center in Ardèche and totals 622 companies among which:

ALTESSE (French leader of costume jewelry), CHOMARAT (leader in composite material and technical textiles), PERRIER (leader in bottling machine), SAMOV (leader in pressure die-casting), MECELEC (leader in the transformation of composite materials) and many more … all these companies work to make this territory the second industrial center of the Ardèche region.

Great development perspectives

Eolane Saint-Agrève carries on with its “Factory 4.0” plan, initiated several years ago. In this project mixing automatization, digitalization, robotization and cobotization to ensure a high level quality service for our clients, one element remains essential: man is at the heart of this project.

In France, Ardèche is known for its tortuous roads, with many turns! The company has known several along the way … 2018 is the occasion for us to take a new turn by creating with another subsidiary of the group, Eolane Combrée based in Maine-et-Loire, the electronic cards Competence Center of Eolane. 3 years, one goal: becoming the French reference in electronic cards production.

Frédéric Faure
Director of Eolane Saint-Agrève