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Eolane appoints Stephane Moy as Director of its Cards Competence Center.

Eolane, French leader in industrial services, professional electronics and connected solutions, continues to set up its new organization announced last September and refocuses on its historical profession. This is why Eolane has created a Cards Competence Center, directed by Stéphane Moy. The company’s aim: highlight its historical know-how in electronics manufacturing.

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2017 has been a crucial year for éolane with the arrival of a new investor and a new corporate governance. The company is preparing its future and is creating a Cards Competence Center.

Eolane is skilled as an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). The company offers ready for use solutions covering the whole life cycle of products, from initial specification to conception, manufacturing and through life support.

Manufacturing electronic cards: Eolane’s core profession

The Cards Competence Center gathers two subsidiaries: Eolane Combrée in Anjou and Eolane Saint-Agrève in Ardèche. It has two missions: improve Eolane’s performances on cards professions and bring even more services to clients while supporting the other Business Units of the group in their commercial development. “To achieve these missions, experts in both subsidiaries are mobilizing to build better operational standards” says Stéphane Moy, Director of the Cards Competence Center.

Optimization of the Supply Chain and the purchase department

The other ambitious dimension behind the creation of this new entity deals with logistics. The Supply Chain and the Purchase Department will build a performing and homogenous channel of provision including clients and suppliers. The new solutions that will come out of this new process will be beneficial.

“The investment on skills and industrial means, reinforces to boost our clients’ technical solutions, especially in terms of miniaturization and reliability of electronic assemblies.” explains Stéphane Moy.

Digitalization at the heart of industry

The factory of the future is also at stake with this transformation project. The Cards Competence Center is already keeping pace with digital technologies to connect equipment and thus help operators. The securing of processes and anticipating risks are now among the prerequisites the company must meet. For Eolane, these technologies combined to the skill development of operators are strong signals in terms of agility and growing competitiveness.

From managing a subsidiary to the direction of a Business Unit

Stéphane Moy pictureGraduated of ESEO in Angers, and after an experience as a hardware engineer for a telecom solution manufacturer, Stéphane Moy joins the research unit of Eolane Combrée.

Skilled both in electronics and software he evolves towards the management of project of conception of electronic products, then becomes manager of the Research Unit.

While taking on a MBA Management at the IFG, he handles the production before becoming Director of the Combrée subsidiary in 2007. Eolane Combrée has since then known an augmentation of more than 60% of its turnover.




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