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Eolane appoints Pierre François Chenevier as Director of its Business Unit covering Industries, Medical, Energy, Telecom

Group Eolane, french leader in electronics services and connected solutions, keeps strenghtening its new market-oriented organization, reshaped last September around Business Units and Competence Centers.

With this objective, Group Eolane appoints Pierre François Chenever as Managing Director of SBU (Strategic Business Unit) EIST, serving market segments Industries & Robotics, Construction & Energy, Water & Environement, Medical & Wellness, Telecom & Multimedia, and relying on the Group respective R&D and Electronic-cards Competence Centers, as well as on its several production sites in France, Estonia, Germany, Morocco and China.
At stake for the Group : continue to listen each of its customers on these markets at the light of its valued-added innovation, thus partner and grow together.

2017 has been a turning point for Group Eolane with the arrival of a new investor and a new corporate governance. While simplifying and shifting its French production capacities, Group Eolane sets a new impulsion in 2018, as renewing its Executive Committee, both promoting internal talents and welcoming Executives coming from other industries and with a very international experience, such as Pierre François Chenevier.

Eolane is skilled as an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). The company offers ready for use solutions covering the whole life cycle of products, from initial specification to conception (hardware, software and prototyping), manufacturing, testing and through life support.

Customer-needs-centric innovations: The reason for Eolane to be leader on it markets.

It is no coincidence that Group Eolane is chosen to support its customers in markets as Industries & Robotics, Construction & Energy, Water & Environment, Medical & Wellness, Telecom & Multimedia, with products such as Pace Maker programmers and followers, surgical or dosing robots, smart-meters for Energy or Water, control and steering systems, high-end connected timelapse cameras, charging stations for electric vehicles, reliable connected ticketing or detection systems, multifunctional sensors like Movee® ensuring asset tracking and predictive maintenance information for industrial machines or smart building either smart farming applications, etc.
This is the result of a renewed innovation strategy that listens to Eolane’s customers, of the Group strength in new electronic technologies design, including Sigfox or LoRa low-energy connections, connected objects, artificial intelligence or cyber security, but also of éolane agility as a partner of start-ups or large innovative groups, with an accelerated time to market, “Proof to concept” cells, and specific manufacturing islands.
It is also the result of the experience of Eolane employees in these specific markets, and the qualification and certification of its products and production means, for example cleanrooms or gray rooms for Healthcare, specific means and design for nuclear environments (as already longstanding for Defense, Aerospace or Automotive), but also functional security for its development of software HMI, M2M, AI and IIOT, or products in heat, humidity, explosive or chemical hazard.

This ability to innovate in partnership with its customers characterizes the collaboration of the Eolane group with its clients, and allows to create additional added value, for the conception of the electronic cards as for complete products. Eolane’s CAP2020 transformation plan reinforces this differentiating force of market leader and further develops it» declares Pierre François Chenevier.

Quality, competitiveness, Cost to Design, and digital production

Quality is a distinguishing point of the company that controls with its collaborators and its processes all the stages of design, manufacturing, testing and service.
The other ambitious part of the CAP2020 plan is to strengthen Eolane’s competitiveness in these markets. The sourcing know-how of electronics components, developed for several years, is reinforced by redefined logistics. One of the strengths of Eolane, Cost to Design, is also highlighted by the customers who wish to do so. The specialization of éolane French factories, manufacturing electronic cards on the one hand and, on the other hand, the integration of cards with other components (electromechanical, fluids, chassis, cameras, sensors, etc…), as well as the already advanced digitization of manufacturing and distribution sites, are two of the premises of a more ambitious plan for a Supply Chain 4.0.

These are signs of leadership for a Group that must remain positioned in a competitive market in France and will develop profitable activities in those specific market segments where it brings the most added-value to these customers, may they be Start-Ups or large International Companies», continues Pierre François Chenevier.

Service and internationalization, a plus and a preamble for Eolane.

Thanks to its employee’s expertise, Eolane becomes a partner of its customers by increasing its Services offer, a complementary offering that is sometimes crucial to the supply of electronic or connected solutions.
The factories in Estonia, Morocco, Germany and China allow Eolane to keep the proximity and to follow the needs of internationalization of its customers, in a competitive way. The company develops the same rigor and the same quality as on the French factories.

The ambitions of development on the Service side, but also at the internationalization of our customers, are also the ambitions of Éolane, and we intend to accelerate this development in partnership with our customers as the transformation plan CAP2020 is being delivered step by step », concludes Pierre François Chenevier.

An experienced Executive leader in France and internationally.

Pierre François Chenevier, a leading Executive for more than 15 years in France and abroad inside international industrial and services Groups, has set up and developed the subsidiary for Wind Power of General Electric in Latin America, managed the growth of Alstom services to Power and substations transmission in Europe and Africa, set up the Supply chain of DIY stores leader Leroy Merlin, as well as the industrial scheme of a start-up working on leukemia in children, after managing several factories and supply chain/sourcing units in the Automotive industry, at Renault and with a leader of the European battery market. He is an engineer of the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and Executive MBA of ESSEC & Mannheim University. Pierre François Chenevier is now using all his expertise to make this new Industry, Medical, Energy and Telecom Business Unit, a success.