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Eolane appoints Olivier de Bourmont as Director of its Automobile and Rolling Stock Business Unit

Eolane rethinks its organization and assures its position as a French leader in electronics services and connected solutions, by nominating Olivier de Bourmont as Director of the new Automobile and Rolling Stock (AER) Business Unit. The aim being to develop the automobile and rolling stock activity, both high growing sectors.

2017 has been a turning point for éolane with the arrival of a new investor and a new corporate governance. The company carries on with its transformation plan and reorganizes itself for more competitiveness.

Bring together all the players in an Automobile and Rolling Stock Business Unit

Historically Tier 2 supplier in the automotive sector, Eolane has marked its difference by gaining recognition as a Tier 1 supplier thanks to a high level of expertise in Research and Development.

Olivier de Bourmont, who already managed the commercial strategy of the Automobile and Rolling Stock market, is taking on the direction of the new Automobile and Rolling Stock Business Unit.

The organization in Business Unit is above all about the teams coming together to work in the same direction by uniting their talents to meet the different challenges of our clients and our environment.

says Olivier de Bourmont.

In the automotive and rolling stock sector, the well-known tryptic: cost, delay and quality is not enough anymore. It’s a given. Now, in a world that is complex, multicultural and in perpetual mutation, the adaptation and innovation capacities rely on the cooperation between women and men within a dedicated organizational structure.

It’s above all liberating energies to increase profitability four our clients at all levels in the company and that internationally. Alone you go faster, but together we go farther! It’s a new and exciting adventure for éolane.

Olivier de Bourmont, an expert of the automotive sector

Olivier de Bourmont picture

Thirteen years of work for a car supplier allowed Olivier de Bourmont to gain a solid experience in France and internationally in different sectors (Continuous Amelioration, program management, Research & Development direction).

His career history gives him a relevant vision of the automotive market. Thus he will manage Eolane’s commercial strategy in this sector for several years. With a strong experience, Olivier de Bourmont carries on his work at Eolane to make the automotive market durable and keep on innovating; and that with one major goal in mind: creating added value for his clients and éolane.