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Eolane appoints Frédéric Hannoyer as head of the R&D Centre of Expertise and the Smart Solution Business Unit

Eolane, French leader in professional electronics industrial services and connected solutions, is pursuing its transformation through creating an R&D Centre of Expertise and a “Smart Solutions” Business Unit, dedicated to Eolane’s own products. The aim: perpetuate Eolane’s excellence in the IoT sector, and support clients throughout their projects in the best way possible.

The transformation of the group continues with a strengthened R&D unit in the shape of an R&D Centre of Expertise, upon which rests the new “Smart Solutions” Business Unit for Eolane’s own products and solutions, now operational. Frédéric Hannoyer is taking over the R&D Centre of Expertise, and the new Business Unit.

Eolane’s research units: a recognized asset and an extensive skills portfolio.

Eolane’s growth is partly due to successive external acquisitions, for production and engineering & design units. This company history is reflected in the wealth of expertise and projects and explains why Eolane is so attractive to engineers. There is such a variety of assignments that “you can spend your whole career as an engineer at Eolane without ever working twice for the same industry”, Skills range from designing electronic and mechanical boards and objects, to Radio Frequency innovations, with network protocols, and SIL, ASIL and Health certification procedures for various industries, and to the development of embedded software in small objects, like calculators, MMIs (Man-Machine Interfaces), communication gateways and even hosted systems on public clouds.

Relying on an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) engineering & design department is a true value offer for an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or a service supplier, as our knowledge of technological building blocks has been proven on different markets, and our fixed-price commitment is a significant guarantee for our prescribers.

Transformation to bring together key strengths for the benefit of our clients.

A real convergence of experts is being organised with the creation of the R&D Centre of Expertise, in view of enhancing everyone’s skills; to this end, two major hubs are taking shape: the first in the West around Angers-Nantes, and the second in the South, in Grenoble. The stakes are to reach clients throughout the country. With this new organisation, Eolane also hopes to redraw and consolidate its in-house project approach, to meet customer requirements in terms of objectives and deliverables.

Our aim with this new vision is to develop a unified, agile and innovative Research & Development department, at our clients’ service by offering cutting-edge skills. It’s a strong investment for the new Eolane, which will improve operational performances on projects, while highlighting our expertise. By doing so, the R&D department becomes a driving force for growth through the accompaniment of sales and production” declares Frédéric Hannoyer.

Finally, by converging R&D strengths, the company aspires to confirm and develop the technical skills of the engineering teams in demanding fields, to be a major market player. Whether it be new digital architecture, new components, analog architecture and Radio Frequency, or even ultra-low power embedded systems, but also cloud computing architecture and IoT, LPWAN. To innovate these days means being proactive, relying on design and engineering departments that guarantee established expertise for our clients.

Product competence and Eolane’s own solutions to commercialize in France and worldwide

Backed by its R&D and IoT skills, Eolane has progressively built up a range of its own products, fruit of its in-house expertise. Hence the company boosted the creation of a Smart Solutions Business Unit which brings together offers dedicated to industry professionals, like the range of MOVEE sensors, with offers of predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and operational assistance.

Eolane also creates links with start-ups and industry innovators, and these partnerships reveal the complementarity between a large group and satellite start-ups: Eolane provides its normative expertise for industrialization whereas the start-ups go rapidly from an idea to an offer. The partnership between Eolane and Cartésiam, a start-up in Toulon specialised in AI, is a typical example. This collaboration led to “Bob”, a predictive maintenance assistant who, with an intelligent sensor connected via LoRa to the Eolane cloud, informs clients about any abnormal operation of their equipment remotely, securely and in real time.

The development and commercialisation of Eolane’s own products is a real asset for Eolane clients: building blocks that can be adapted, integrated or used according to their needs. This makes Eolane a driving force for its clients, whether for the conquest of new markets or the fast and efficient management of transformations. With the dual role of R&D and the Smart Solution Products BU, Frédéric Hannoyer will ensure the seamless transfer of skills, but also the positioning and prioritisation of the R&D strategic focus in relation to tomorrow’s challenges on the Eolane markets.

Frédéric Hannoyer,an international and technical director.

Frédéric Hannoyer is a Franco-American director with more than 20 years’ experience in the field of digital technology, with a wealth of experience in guiding organisational change and increasing product sales. He began his career with 7 years in R&D in Arizona, USA, then in Silicon Valley in the aeronautical market at Honeywell, as well as in cloud computing in a spinoff of Oracle and digital video at an ISE making chips, SigmaDesigns. He then joined STMicroelectronics in 2004, in a sales and R&D strategy position, covering all the French sites, where he created an innovation pipeline with laboratories, start-ups and other leading industrialists, especially in Grenoble and Marseille. He was also general manager for products within the group, taking part in the development and launch of platforms for cybersecurity, smart homes, multimedia and core networks for data centers. He is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, the Corps des Ponts et Chaussées, and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).