Eolane and Lucie Labs confirm their partnership for ambient lighting designed for autonomous cars

The automobile market is growing steadily at Eolane, particularly when it comes to automotive interior lighting technology. To develop this flagship offer, Eolane and Lucie Labs announce a partnership for the next generation of functional lighting for autonomous vehicles.

Eolane and Lucie Labs: synergy in expertise

Eolane has a good knowledge of the automobile sector; historically tier 2 supplier, the company has distinguished itself with tier 1 supplier offers. Eolane designs and develops embedded calculators, man/machine interfaces and automotive interior lighting products. 1, 5 million ambient lighting LED modules are produced by the Estonian subsidiary of the group with an important annual growth.

autonomous vehicleLucie Labs start-up, specialized in connected solutions, developed an industrial software platform for the next generation of lighting for autonomous vehicles. This software platform allows to go from interior ambient lighting to interior and exterior functional lighting. In that case, functional lighting will bring information to the passengers as well as the exterior environment of the vehicle. The technology is fully integrated in the vehicle’s architecture and allows to contextualize in real time the effects of the light according to the car’s state. The tools developed by Lucie Labs allow Eolane and the manufacturers to speed up all development phases (from prototyping to industrialization) of this new experience in lighting for autonomous vehicle.

The partnership between Eolane and Lucie Labs is based on a true synergy in expertise: Eolane brings to Lucie Labs its industrialization capacity of the product, and an adaptation to the normative constraints of the automotive market, and access to its client portfolio; while Lucie Labs brings its unique technology on this market with adaptation and innovation capacities to face the specific requests of the market.

We’ve been working together for one and a half year, by signing this agreement, we are gathering qualified automotive ambient lighting technologies and innovative solutions that meet the new usages. Thus, we answer the needs of constructors and interior suppliers to prototype and then put out on the market robust and reliable functions,

declares Olivier de Bourmont, Director of the Automobile and Rolling Stock Business Unit at Eolane.

This partnership goes in continuity of our activities with éolane. After one and a half year of Research and Development, we are now moving towards the industrial phase. The autonomous car comes with new challenges to which éolane and Lucie Labs bring an industrial solution in interior and exterior functional lighting,

highlights Yan-Lee Dajoux, President and Co-founder of Lucie Labs.

Functional lighting: the future of our (autonomous) vehicles

autonomous vehicleAutomotive ambient lighting is already a key factor in current premium vehicles. This mode of lighting creates an atmosphere and becomes a differentiating factor for brands. The rise of the autonomous car will drastically change life onboard. Cars will become a “third living room” beyond our office and housing. Automotive interior ambient lighting will morph into functional lighting, bringing in information allowing to transform life onboard in a true smart and personalized living space.

Nowadays the ambient lighting technology allows to highlight the brand and the vehicle.

“At this stage for users, ambient lighting is reassuring and reinforces the sensation of space. Thanks to our technologies, interior lighting can now: give users information, further interactions between the vehicle and its passengers, and contribute to onboard well-being and the safety of users. With our solutions, the creation of luminous effects for concept vehicles is quick and allows modifications in real time without software development. Our qualified automobile platforms are compatible with existing vehicle architectures and allow a controlled placing on the market,” adds Jean-François de Sallier Dupin, Marketing Manager of the Automobile and Rolling Stock Business Unit at Eolane.

Marketing Manager of the Automobile and Rolling Stock Business Unit

President and Co-founder of Lucie Labs