Eolane, a new technological and human adventure!

A company’s capacity to adapt to its perpetually shifting environment is measured by its progression. 2017 will be remembered as a major step in Eolane’s history, with a new investor, a change of governance and organisation, and new ambitions.

We are extremely lucky.  We work in a field, electronics, that aims to make the lives of men and women easier and happier.  Take electronics out of your life and your environment, and you will understand what we do for society!

This gives meaning to our work, whatever our job at Eolane.  Leader in France, Eolane has a special place in this technological and human adventure.

A new page of history has been written since the end of July

Christophe Malrin picture

We are all players in the adventure to build an Eolane that is robust, united, and confident about the future.  A simple, efficient, and reactive organisation will be put in place to make our daily life easier, to satisfy our clients and improve our efficiency.

Our employees have shown their great willingness to take part in this significant project.  We shall achieve our initial successes rapidly, and the energy feedback will be transformed into collective strength.

Our clients, who give us their support and who are mindful of our transformation project know this, and will shortly be able to see the results.  Eolane will always fully participate in the electronics adventure, and will contribute to the improvement of our human societies.

Christophe Malrin