#meet experts

CAP 2020, a project for greater performance

It is a pleasure to be writing this editorial, which symbolises me taking up my post at the helm of this fine company, éolane. A company which has grown over 35 years thanks to Paul Raguin and his team, a company driven by the enthusiasm of the men and women who work there, a company with proven expertise for its market.

Firmly part of the world of today, éolane is ready to keep pace with the speed of technological developments as well as ever-increasing exchanges at an international level.

I have been meeting the employees that make up the company since last July. I quickly got an insight on their skills, their potential, and their drive. We all now have the confidence to further the developments and transformations already underway.

The plan will be speeded up owing to additional resources linked to the funds provided by Hivest. It is a question of adapting to the extremely competitive and fluctuating market. We are thus modernising our manufacturing base, and our I.T. and management systems. We are rethinking existing organisations in favour of agile decision-making. We are preparing the future! My mission is to channel everyone’s energies and talents into this project, which we have named Cap 2020.


A new chapter is opening in our company history, setting out international aspirations and increasing importance in the value chain for projects linked to IoT for professional applications.

Together we shall meet the challenges ahead.

Christophe Malrin