A Bluetooth Low Energy LoRa Gateway developed by Eolane

After a fairly slow start-up phase, IoT (the Internet of Things) is henceforth taking off. Practical applications are being rolled out, even as many mature and adapted technologies are now available.

Nonetheless, rolling out an IoT solution is a complex matter, which requires various competences (hardware, I.T…), products and services.  In particular, connected sensors, access to connectivity infrastructures, and “cloud” applications are needed to make use of the results.

Eolane, a key player in the IoT sector

Eolane is a major player, able to deal with this type of project for industrial clients.

The diversity of the sensors makes things more complicated: size, price, performance, battery life, connectivity.  BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is often used to provide communication between sensors.  It has the advantage of being energy efficient, and has a range of several dozen metres, which is therefore suitable for local use.

There is another communication protocol that is well-adapted to IoT: LoRa™. It allows communicating short messages over greater distances (several kilometres), while using little energy.

Yet, for now the solution is used for few sensors.  It is however the case for Eolane’s MOVEE vibration sensor, with an outstanding range, and several years’ battery life.

A diversified offer of sensors

Gateway BLE-LoRa pictureHow can the availability and diversity of BLE sensors be reconciled with LoRa protocol efficiency?

Eolane has developed a BLE-LoRa gateway.  It connects with several standard local BLE sensors, and then communicates using LoRa after processing the data from the sensors.  It is the ideal solution, with no equivalent on the market, to make BLE sensors able to communicate long-distance at a low cost.  Moreover, it is easy to set up: peering the gateway with the BLE sensors, configurating an internal data processing algorithm, and sending the acquired data to a public or private LoRa network.

Jérôme Colin
Innovation and Partnership Director